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~  March is Trisomy Awareness Month (TAM)!  ~
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What is TAM?  During March of each year SOFT members celebrate the organizations that provide support, information and family connections, for families that have children with a trisomy condition.  Trisomy Awareness Month is recognized nation-wide.  Please share it with your child’s caregivers.

Arrow1 Create your own Facebook banner or a profile template, with your child’s photo inserted!  Place your cursor on the image below, right-click on it and COPY the “blank” Profile Template and Facebook Banner to a folder on your PC.  Paste them into your photo editor, and add your child’s photo.   If you have no photo editor, or if you are unable to edit your template or banner, email the blank template/banner AND a suitable photo of your child to terre@trisomytalk.com, from your own email system, and Terre will arrange for someone to do it.

Facebook Cover 2016-2Facebook Cover 2016-1





 Samples of a Facebook banner or profile template that can be made from the above blank images:  

Facebook Cover 2016-4

Facebook Cover 2016-3



  About the SOFT rainbow:  Our rainbow is not only our traditional symbol, but also a well-chosen one.  Consider:  A rainbow is inclusive; primary colors and secondary colors working together and still keeping individuality. The individual parts work together and the whole becomes greater than the parts.  Also, symbolism:  hope after a storm, brightness, peace, a bridge between earth and the heavens, yet it starts and ends in the earth.  It is unusual, rare, but not impossible – a natural phenomenon, gift of nature, and the idea of a covenant:  trust that things will be better.  No single color ribbon can do that.

  About the SOFT rainbow’s colors:  The colors of the rainbow take on different meanings in different contexts.  However, the colors generally mean as follows:  blue represents spirituality, yellow is wisdom, and red is vitality and passion.  This color arc is considered to represent the colors of emotions and these meanings are commonly accepted.

  Conditions of use:  SOFT holds the copyright for these Facebook Covers and Templates and encourages their use by individuals and groups supporting the Trisomy Community.  We ask that no changes (aside from minor personalizing) be made without permission of SOFT.    SOFT asks that if used, the templates should link to a non-profit trisomy organization benefiting our children,  and that SOFT be credited with the image  design. Images may not be used in any way for profit except as approved by SOFT.

US Department of Health and Human Services | National Institutes of Health Celebrates Trisomy Awareness Month!