Registration – About the Trisomy Registry

~ Join the SOFT Trisomy Registry – there is no cost! ~

SOFT welcomes medical professionals, expectant parents, supporters, families with living children and those who no longer have their child, including those whose pregnancy ended early.  All chromosome conditions are welcome.
Go here to see the composition of SOFT’s membership.

On-Line Registration Options:

1. Family or Supporter New Registration, or Renewal with changes:  Register or renew membership herePlease update your child’s surgery information when you renew, or when you first register.  We do not share personal information but the non-personal surgery information is helpful to other families in obtaining surgery for their child.

2. All members: no-change renewal.  If there are no changes to your current family/child registration information, use this renewal “Short Form.”

3. Healthcare Professionals Free Registration:  Register or renew membership on-line.

♥  Register by mail using a print-and-mail form.
Mail this form to: SOFT, 2982 South Union St., Rochester, NY, 14624

Personal Information Notice: SOFT will not share your personal information with any other organization. SOFT will ask permission before sharing any of your information with another family having a trisomy child.