2016 Conference Details

<<< Note:  This page currently features the 2016 conference.  It will be updated to 2017
conference information as it becomes available. >>>

The Conference Committee is very excited to bring this year’s SOFT Conference to the Hotel Murano in Tacoma, Washington, July 20-24.  The conference will include many of the annual traditions you’ve come to love and expect:  A Welcome Dinner Gala complete with music and dancing, Workshops providing something for everyone, Sibs Outings, Remembrance Outing, Balloon Celebration, Clinics at Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital, the annual “SOFT Friends” video premiere and more…

While July might seem a long way off, it will be here before we know it so NOW is the time to start planning your trip to the Conference.

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2016 Conf Logo1Rising Above our Destiny: Included are Medical Clinics, Workshops, Memorial Balloon Celebration and more. Open the conference brochure here! 
MaryBridge2Medical Clinics for attending SOFT children will be held  at Tacoma’s Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital.
meetings-zhinys Workshops! Many  Workshop sessions will  be offered, including  Genetics, CPR, Guardianship & Trust, OT, I.E.P.’s, Mom’s and Dad’s sessions and much more!
Schedule Conference  Schedule:  See the  daily events, from  Wednesday, July 20  to Sunday, July 24 and plan your personal schedule!
Murano1 The Hotel Murano is where we will gather.  Click the photo for the hotel floor plan and photos and click here to jump to the Murano’s web page.
City of Tacoma LogoThings to do in Tacoma!  Kids activities, sightseeing,  touring, museums and much more.  Click the city seal for information!  Jump to city tourist info.
SOFT picnic, Henefer, UT 1997The conference picnic at Cheney Stadium gathers families and children on Saturday.  It is usually attended by about 300 people.
SOFT Pix 069The SOFT Balloon Celebration honors all SOFT children who have obtained their angel wings. Request a balloon release here 

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