Conference – Mary Bridge Children’s Health Center



From 1:00 – 5:00pm Friday,  SOFT offers Medical Clinics for families bringing a SOFT child to conference, at Mary Bridge Children’s Health Center, 311 South L Street, Tacoma, WA 98405.   Visit Mary Bridge’s Facebook page here.


Mary Bridge3

Twelve medical clinics are being offered this year.  Be sure to indicate the clinics you want to attend, and the priority of each you request, on the conference registration form.  These are listed in the Conference Brochure:

1 – Cardiology                               7 –  Genetics
2 – Nephrology                             8 –  Ophthalmology
3 – Neurology                                9 –  Audiology
4 – Otolaryngology (ENT)            10 – Physical Therapy
5 – Gastroenterology                   11 –  Occupational Therapy
6 – Orthopedics                            12 – Speech

Mary Bridge4


Please sign up early on the conference registration form, as these fill up fast. Don’t forget to indicate your need for bus transportation to the clinics, on the registration form!   Meet outside the lobby doors at your assigned time to catch the bus.