Export Report to Excel


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~  How to Export Report data from the website and IMPORT it into an Excel Spreadsheet  ~

♦  If the report is not long, we suggest you COPY it and then PASTE it into an open, blank Excel spreadsheet or a WORD document (your choice).  If it is too long for that you can import it into Excel using Excel’s “Web Import” feature.  Open the blank Excel spreadsheet before doing the COPY.

♦  You can also COPY and PASTE it into a Microsoft or Google word-processor page.  Open the blank page before doing the COPY.

♦  Or use the “PrintFriendly” printer icon which allows printing as a WORD document, or as a .pdf document.  You can also SAVE it.

 ♦  Here’s how Excel’s “Web Import” feature can IMPORT data from a web page.  Ignore any error message dialog boxes – in them, just say “Yes” to continue:

1. Open a blank Excel worksheet
2. Run the report in WordPress and COPY that page’s URL
3. On the Excel menu (at the top), look for, and click on  Data
4. In the Data menu, look to the left for From Web and click on it.
5.  It will open various dialog boxes and will also give some error boxes (click “yes” to continue, for all these).
6.  In the dialog box “Address” field (the URL field), PASTE the report’s URL that you copied in step #2.
7.  Click the “Go” button.
8.  If the report requires a password (many do), it will ask for it.  Enter it.
9.  Click “Import”.
10.  Then WAIT.  It might take three or four minutes for the PC to import the data into Excel…maybe your connection will be faster.  It gives no indication that it it working but it is, behind the scenes.  Be patient – the speed depends on your computer, your internet connection and how busy your ISP is.
11.  The resulting imported report has a lot of administrative header information in the top 30 or so rows.  Deleted these rows to bring your report data to the top of the spreadsheet.  
12.  Be sure to save it in a folder, where you can find it again!

This might sound complicated but once you do it a time or two, it will be easy.  Exporting like this might save a lot of time.  We suggest you print these instructions.