Kris Holladay SOFT Video

LAST CALL  for pictures and/or short videos!


Please be a part of the annual “SOFT Friends” DVD in memory of Kari Deann Holladay.

This special video presentation is in honor of all our children through pictures and music! 


PHOTOS of all varieties are appreciated:  touching, funny, sweet, silly, heartwarming, achievements, and include your SOFT child with siblings & family pictures, etc.

Please submit 2-3 pictures per child  and include the name of your child, parent names, child’s condition, birth date & death date (if applicable), and if you are attending the conference.  You don’t have to attend in order to include your child’s photos.

SHORT VIDEOS (or youtube links) 1-2 minutes are great!

Please send no later than June 5, 2017  (earlier is preferred).  Submissions received after June 5th cannot be incorporated in the video. If you mail your pictures, they will not be returned, so please do not send your original, one of a kind picture!

1) Email pictures & videos (and include ‘SOFT’ in subject line to preclude it from going to “junk” file) to:     OR

2) Mail to:  Kris Holladay, 1522 E. Garnet Avenue, Mesa, AZ 85204.

Any questions, please contact  Kris Holladay at either email address.