2018 Conference Schedule

2018 Omaha Conference Schedule

As of this writing, the schedule is still evolving so check periodically to obtain the latest information.  We expect to open registration for both the Conference and the Balloon Celebration about March 1st.    A more detailed schedule will be in your “conference bag” given you when you check in.  Return to Conference Brochure 

Wednesday, July 18:
6am – 10:30  Hotel’s Continental Breakfast, Plaza Commons
8am – 4pm  SOFT Board Meeting, location TBA
Dr Carey presents at MMI, time and location TBA
7pm – 9pm Evening Social, location and description TBA

Thursday, July 19 (Workshops):
6am – 10:30   Hotel’s Continental Breakfast, Plaza Commons
9am –             Load Busses to take kids to the zoo (returning about 2pm)
9am – 10am  Session 1  Dr Hammel, Cardiac Surgery in T18, T13, Related Disorders, location TBA
10:10 – 11:10  Session 2  Lois Starr, Genetics, Related Disorders, location TBA
11:20 – 12:20  Session 3  Dr Carey Genetics Lecture, location TBA
12:20 – 1:20    Lunch for attendees  Location TBA
12:30 – 1:20    Lunch for Chapter Chairs/State Contacts, location TBA
1:20 – 2:20      Session 4 details TBA
2:30 – 4:15      Session 5 Cindy Cook – Mom’s Session, location TBA
2:30 – 4:15      Session 6 Jamie Lint – Dad’s Session, location TBA
6:00 – until    Welcome Dinner and Entertainment:  Dancing Beyond Limits,  DJ, Dr Beuhler’s award,  Lizzie Bona is the keynote speaker,  Holladay Friends of SOFT video, Erin Jorgenson Scholarship presentation

Workshop times are not yet assigned for:
Debbie Bruns, PhD (TRIS)
Steve Cantrell, O.D. (Photosensitivity in our children)
Dr Green (ENT)
Crystal xxxxxx, Grief’s Journey
Erin xxxxx, Moving Forward after Loss
Sheryl Crosier, Simon’s Law
Emily xxxxx,  Music Therapy
?? from PTI Nebraska, Writing and IEP/IFSP
??????  Guardianship/Trusts
??? from HETRA – Equine Therapy

Friday, July 20 (Medical Clinics, Outings)
6am – 10:30     Hotel’s Continental Breakfast, Plaza Commons
AM, time TBA, Sibling Panel with Cindy Cook
AM, time TBA, Hosting a Conference
1p – 5p  Medical Clinics at CHMC; details TBA
PM, time TBA, Remembrance Outing at Fontanelle Forest, details TBA
PM, time TBA, Grief’s Journey Sibling Event, Crystal xxxx, details TBA
6pm  Go Baby, Go!  by Melinda xxxxxxx
Dinner on your own

Saturday, July 21
7:45 – SOFT Breakfast, location TBA
8:45 – ? Stroll for Hope, location TBA
9:30 – 11:30  Business Meeting, Elections,  location TBA
11:30 – 3pm  Picnic,  West Campus Lutheran Church of the Master: 1200 North 181st Street 
6 – 10pm        Silent Auction – open to the public

Sunday, July 22
7:45 – SOFT Breakfast, location TBA
Non-denominational service, TBA

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