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Board of Directors Election Application

  • IMPORTANT - READ THIS! This application to run for election to the SOFT Board of Directors will be sent automatically to the Nominations and Elections Committee when you tap the "submit" button at the end. Your application must be received by the Committee by midnight, EST, Wednesday July 11.

    In order to complete this application you must be familiar with the SOFT Mission Statement and the Chapter Chairperson Guidelines. These can be found by clicking on the buttons at the top of this form page.

  • Please note three important new requirements to run for the board:

    1) An applicant must have been active on a SOFT Committee for two years.

    2) An applicant must disclose any political activity that might conflict with SOFT's 501(c)(3) non-profit status

    3) An applicant must list affiliations with organizations similar to SOFT.

    All applications will be reviewed by the SOFT Board of Directors to insure compliance with the requirements. Thank you for considering service to SOFT.

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