Surgery & Growth Summary


Surgery and Growth Information

SOFT maintains records of children’s surgeries and growth charts for children having a trisomy condition.  Both may be accessed through this page.

The SOFT Surgery Registry contains information about children’s surgeries, as reported by parents on the SOFT membership/renewal form.   Surgery data collection began in the late 80’s and is ongoing today.   The registry has over 1500 surgeries and procedures reported for all diagnoses in the database.  

Please click here to add a previously unreported surgery   to the SOFT Surgery Registry

Click here to view the surgery registry summary   The Surgery Registry Summary Table is four screens long, so be sure to scroll down to see all surgeries!

SOFT also has a collection of growth charts for children with trisomy 18 and for trisomy 13, to include weight, height (length) and head circumference charts for each.   These result from a study conducted by Bonnie Baty, PhD, of the University of Utah and they may be printed (as .pdf files) and taken to the child’s physician.

Click here to view growth charts for children with a trisomy condition

Click here to see a videoabout Dr. Charles D. Fraser, a Houston surgeon who has completed 10,000 surgeries on children’s hearts, including repairing the hearts of children with trisomy. Click here to read the Houston Chronicle article about Dr. Fraser. When it opens, scroll down.