March 1st begins 2021 Trisomy Awareness Month

As of today, SOFT has received 2021 Trisomy Awareness Month Proclamations from 24 states. Although March has been declared and recognized as Trisomy Awareness Month for over 10 years it has taken some time to get the month officially recognized by individual state. Eight states would have declared March as Trisomy Awareness month but due to Covid 19 they are not currently doing Proclamations.

This number of proclamations is big! This indicates that we are gaining traction and our efforts to spread awareness are working. Proclamations must be requested by a resident of the state on behalf of SOFT. Families are stepping up due to the efforts of SOFT Board member and mom to Dawson, Renae Bradley. Renae, we really appreciate your committment to this project.

Thank you to our parents who helped by requesting a proclamation from their state: Kris Holladay – Kari’s mom, Beverly Jacobson – Verity’s mom, Kimberly Minor – Georgia’s mom, Ginger Knowles – Tre’s mom, Alesha Thomas – Presley’s mom, Maria Revere – Ella Grace’s mom, Nichole Tucker – Braxton’s mom, Carole Darrah – Grace’s mom, Samantha Holly – Eden’s mom, Jennifer Sogge – Dane’s mom, Lori Willard – Amaris’ mom, Rhonda Yarrington – Bella Grace’s mom, Jessica Stone – Esther’s mom, Renae Bradley – Dawson’s mom, Gloria Jorgenson – Erin’s mom Megan DeRuiter – Anna’s mom, Rachel Frank – Edward’s mom, Terre Krotzer – Krissy’s mom,  Adam & Sandi Enzminger – Tabitha’s mom & dad, Jessica Thomas – Salli’s mom, Megan Gaffney – Charlie’s mom, Melissa  Lewis – Lily’s mom, Hilary Griswold – David’s mom, Monica Rivera – Omar’s mom, Rhonda Dennis – Lilliana’s mom and Patty Fazio – Leo’s mom.

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