Linus Suikkonen

Linus’ Story

“Despite Linus being very sick, he was immensely loved by us and perfect and beautiful to us.”

Linus Suikkonen, Trisomy 13, 10/02/2015 to 10/02/2015, Pirkkala, Pirkanmaa, Finland

Linus with mom Linus family Linus1

January 2015 we realised that we are expecting our second child. It was a pleasant surprise. Our first born is ten years old. He was excited about becoming a big brother.
On week 11 the ultra didn’t show any abnormalities, but there was a higher risk of trisomy 21. On week 13 Chorionic villus sampling showed trisomy 13. On week 15 the Amniocentesis confirmed our son Linus had Trisomy 13. Linus had ASD and VSD.

It was a huge shock and grief to hear that our dear son is not healthy. Once we had recovered from the shock, we started to gather information about Trisomy 13. We live in Finland and the only policy for Trisomy 13 and 18 children is palliative care. The doctors pressured us to have an abortion but that was never an option for us. During my pregnancy I found out that two Trisomy 13 babies had been born in Finland before. The first one had been born 12 years ago and and the second one a year ago.
I didn’t find any peer support groups in Finland but luckily I learned of international and Scandinavian Trisomy groups on Facebook. They were a big help on this roller coaster trip of emotions.
Despite Linus being very sick, he was immensely loved by us and perfect and beautiful to us. During my pregnancy Linus turned out to be a lively boy. He loved music and would react to my favourite music. He had the long fingers of a pianist. He was a musical boy.
Linus was born on week 36+2, but sadly died during labour. We spoke to Linus during labour and and kept telling him that we love him. Linus was 17,7 inches tall and weighed 4,17 lbs at birth. He looked calm and content. Linus had a big resemblance to his big brother. He had beautiful dark blue eyes and curly white hair. We spent several hours with him. I gave Linus a bath and then we dressed him in beautiful clothes. We held him tight and gave him lots of kisses. Our closest family members also came to see our beautiful son. Everyone could hold our beloved Linus in their arms. We took a lot of pictures for memories.
During his life Linus knew only of love and comfort. We were not afraid to love Linus unconditionally. He is forever in our hearts. We love you Linus and we know we will see you again.