ACMG Meetings


2015 ACMG Meeting

SOFT was among the 150 exhibits at the American Clinical Genetics Meeting sponsored by the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomes in Salt Lake City, Utah March 25- 27th, 2015. Over 2,200 professionals attended the meeting, which consisted of over 40 sessions, workshops, and forums. Board members Debbie Dye and Raquel Wagner (with daughter Ashton who is fifteen and has Full Trisomy 18) represented the SOFT ACMG 2015 Chelsea Woolley and Ashton Wagnerorganization by handing out Trisomy Awareness cards, SOFT brochures,and business cards with a QR code which directs the user straight to They met with several of the attending Genetics Counselors, Geneticists, and other professionals from around the country – many were already familiar with Dr. Carey and/or SOFT which was very exciting! Dr. John Carey had a busy schedule as well. He had the opportunity to host the research meeting for the 4p group, educate trainees about writing and publishing medical articles, and speak during a presentation entitled: Community Conversation, addressing helping with undiagnosed conditions and rare disorders. Overall it was a great experience. Thank you, Barb for allowing us to represent SOFT National at this special event. Go to: for more information about the ACMG.  Here’s a photo of Debbie and Ashton, manning the SOFT booth



ACMG 2014

Mark, Faye and Morghan (trisomy 18) represented SOFT at the 2014 American College of Medical Genetics  and Genomics (ACMG) in Nashville, TN.

“I was told by several people we had the best booth because we had MORGHAN. A picture may be worth a thousand words….but .. a LIVE.. FULL Trisomy 18 Child rendered some speechless and in disbelief. Many attendees thanked us for bringing Morghan to the conference and thought that it was important for medical professionals in the field of genetics to see and meet Morghan.” – Mark