Trisomy Awareness Month Medical Panels

Have a question related to Trisomy 13 (Patau Syndrome) or Trisomy 18 (Edwards Syndrome) ?

If so, you are in luck! During March, SOFT will hold two medical panels; one that focuses on Trisomy 13 and one with Trisomy 18 as the focus.

We know a big draw at our conference is getting to speak with doctors that are in the know about Trisomy 13 and/or Trisomy 18. We are bringing experts together for two panel discussions and Q&A opportunity so you can pick their brains and have your burning questions answered. This event is for all families, caregivers, and practitioners. We invite you to submit your questions using the appropriate form below to be sure that they will be answered live.

Here are the details:

March 13, 2023 7pm CDTTrisomy 13 Medical PanelSOFT Facebook Live
March 18, 2023 7pm CDTTrisomy 18 Medical PanelSOFT Facebook Live

The Trisomy 13 Medical Panel will be hosted by Dr. John C. Carey. Dr. Carey will be joined by Dr. Amy Lebedoff to discuss their paper entitled “Parent-reported histories of adults with trisomy 13 syndromes” after which they will answer questions submitted through the Trisomy 13 Panel button below. You can find the full article “Parent-reported histories of adults with trisomy 13 syndromes” by clicking here.

The Trisomy 18 Medical Panel will be hosted by Dr. John C. Carey. Panelists joining Dr. Carey include Drs. Marty McCaffrey, James Hammel and Shaj Menon.

Submit your questions through the appropriate link:

We look forward to seeing you for these and other Trisomy Awareness month events.