Alejandro S – Trisomy 18

My baby is 8 month old. He’s a really happy boy. When he born they told us he wasn’t going to make it. They didn’t want to do his heart surgery so we started to look for a different hospital. We got the best doctor, Dr. Charles Huddles at Cardinal Glennon in St. Louis, MO.…

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Madilyn F – Trisomy 18

“We spent many wonderful hours just enjoying our sweet little girl. There are many things I wish could have been different but I will always treasure the time I had with Madilyn.” At our 20 week ultrasound we learned we were having a girl! We were so excited. My husband left to buy pink donuts…

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Trisomy Awareness Month Medical Panels

Have a question related to Trisomy 13 (Patau Syndrome) or Trisomy 18 (Edwards Syndrome) ? If so, you are in luck! During March, SOFT will hold two medical panels; one that focuses on Trisomy 13 and one with Trisomy 18 as the focus. We know a big draw at our conference is getting to speak…

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Trisomy Awareness Month Proclamations

Trisomy Awareness Month Proclamations 2023

2023 Trisomy Awareness Month Begins March 1st! The 2023 Trisomy Awareness Month proclamations are beginning to roll in. All proclamations received so far this year are featured below. Although March been declared and recognized as Trisomy Awareness Month for over a decade it has taken some time to get the month officially recognized by individual…

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Help Spread Trisomy Awareness

2023 SOFT Trisomy Awareness Month Spotlight

Trisomy Awareness Month begins March 1st! Throughout the month we will be spotlight our precious SOFT children. Submit your child’s photo today to be featured during Trisomy Awareness Month. Photos will be shared on SOFT’s social media. Fill out this form and upload your child’s photo to be included in this year’s spotlight. We look…

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Winner Winner

2023 SOFT Trisomy Awareness Month weekly drawing form

Help us celebrate Trisomy Awareness Month and spread awareness by displaying the SOFT Trisomy Awareness Month profile frame or cover photo on your Facebook page and other social media platforms. Simply download the 2023 Trisomy Awareness profile frame, add your child’s photo and proudly display your Trisomy Awareness profile image throughout your social media. It’s…

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2023 Trisomy Awareness Profile Frames & Covers

Help Spread Trisomy Awareness with a Trisomy Awareness Profile Frame and Cover Image. To help our community speak with ONE VOICE to raise Trisomy Awareness SOFT has created Trisomy Awareness Profile Frames and Cover Images for you to use on your Facebook page and across all of your social media accounts. Below are this year’s…

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2023 Kari Deann Holladay “SOFT Friends Video” Submission

Submissions for the 2023 Kari Deann Hollday “SOFT Friends Video” are now closed. The ANNUAL SOFT Friends Video EVERYONE IS INVITED to submit pictures for the annual Kari Deann Holladay “SOFT Friends Video” a special video presentation honoring all our children through pictures and music. The video will be presented at the 2023 SOFT Conference…

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Trisomy 18, Trisomy 13, SOFT Conference, Balloon Arch

Help bring SOFT to a city near you!

SOFT is looking for host cities for future conferences (2024 and beyond). Have you and your local trisomy friends wanted to bring SOFT closer to you? This is your chance! If your city has supportive local doctors and a reasonably close airport, it may be a great option. Please express your interest by submitting the…

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International Trisomy Alliance (ITA) Publications

                          The International Trisomy Alliance (ITA) website is no longer in use.  This organization has produced many excellent publications which families can read and download.  Links to these publications are below; click on the booklet title to open it as a .pdf file…

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