Conference Wish List, 2019, Ann Arbor

~ SOFT’s 2019 Conference Wish List & Donation Portal ~

Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin$71,000Conference Fundraising (in addition to registration fees)$12,646Conference Fundraising (in addition to registration fees)18%
This conference is estimated to cost about $71,000, which must be raised from donations
and registration fees.
Any amount can be donated for any purpose…it’s not necessary to completely fund an item.   Click any blue link to open a donation form –  the form allows applying your donation to one of the items below or to be used as needed by the conference committee.   Donated items for the Auction should be sent to:  Kayse Whitaker, 619 William St, Kalamazoo, MI 49007..   Amounts shown below are estimates.

                   Conference Need:

Item Status

Welcome & Conference Materials Bags, etc ($2500) $754 needed.  $100 donated by Maryellen Tabor in memory of Benson Asher Lynch.  $771 raised and donated by Daisy Brooks in memory of Eva Brooks, Stacy VanHerreweghe & Karson Friedmeyer. $100 donated by Alger Davis in memory of Joseph August Gettys, IV.  $25 donated by Renee Richie in memory of Michelle Richie.  $25 donated by Avril Lail in memory of Everett Reese Thomas Lail.  $100 donated by John Carey in memory of Morganne Dye.  $300 donated by Babre Botelho in memory of Elizabeth Marie Hertig.   $25 donated by Lisa Chisnell in memory of Simon Crosier.  $100 donated by Ann Barnes in memory of Megan Barnes.
Name tags and lanyards Generously donated by SOFT of Utah.
Gifts for SOFT Children $250 $250 generously donated by Terre Krotzer’s “Thirty-one” fundraiser.
Medical Director’s Hotel Cost $750 $750 generously donated by the Hayes family in honor of Megan E. Hayes’ 39th birthday!
 Bottled Water expense $300 $300 generously donated by Tomas Parks, in Honor of “Revensie”.  $60 generously donated by Marcella Dumolyn.
Child Care Supplies and Snacks – $500 $250 generously donated by Kirsten Reimer, in Memory of Gavin Mark Reimer and Jena Eden Bassini.   $200 generously donated by Staci Brown in memory of Hayden Brown.
Welcome Dinner – $10,000
Welcome Dinner Decorations –  Angel Ornaments $300 Welcome Dinner Angel Ornaments generously donated by the VanHerrewegbhe family in memory of Stacy VanHerreweghe.
Welcome Dinner DJ – $600
Transportation – All $4000
Sibling Outing Lunches $500
Sibling Outing Admission $500 Generously funded by the Hope for Trisomy organization in Memory of an Angel Child, Addalyn Froehner.
Sibling Outing T-Shirts Generously donated by the VanHerreweghe family in memory of Stacy VanHerreweghe.
SOFT Friends Video $0 Generously donated by Kris & Hal Holladay
Hotel Audio/Visual Costs – $2500 $100 generously donated by Ann & Frank Barnes in memory of Megan Barnes and Matthew Butler.
Saturday Picnic cake, cookies, deserts $800
Saturday Picnic Drinks $1200
Saturday Picnic: Food, Tent, Facility and Activities – $6623 $2000 donated by the SOFT Seattle Conference Committee.   $50 donated by Kenneth and Renee Richie in memory of Michelle Richie..
Saturday Picnic Yard Games $500
Balloon Celebration materials and supplies $0 Generously donated by Steve and Peggy Cantrell
Grand Rounds food & drink – $1,000
Workshop Snacks & Kids Workshop Lunches – $1000
Remembrance Outing: Rental,  Bags, Gifts,
Food & Drink – $1000
$1000 generously provided by Hope for Trisomy, in Memory of an Angel Child, Addalyn Froehner.  $25 donated by Ann and Joe Hameister, in Memory of Stacy VanHearreweghe.
Thursday Session Snacks – 750
Medical Clinic Lunch Expense – $1200
Medical Clinic Transportation Expense – $700
Wednesday Evening Ice Cream Social – $1500
Thursday Lunch – $5,000
Friday Evening Event – 2900
Breakfast Expense – All Days – $12,600 $5,000 Generously donated by Janice Hertig in memory of Elizabeth Marie Hertig
Auction Refreshments – $5000
Miscellaneous Snacks for Families – $600
Photographer – $4000
50/50 Draw $20 donated by Lena Walsh