Donation to the 2020 SOFT Conference

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Donation - To the SOFT Conference

To make a donation, please complete this form and press the "Send My Donation!" button at the bottom. This will take you directly to PayPal, where you can donate using either a Credit Card, or your own PayPal funds. Please know that SOFT will not share your personal information with any other organization.
  • In the fields below, we will ask for your name and address, etc. These are used ONLY so that we can send you a tax receipt or to ask a clarifying question about your generous donation. Thanks for helping!
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  • When you arrive at PayPal, after clicking the "Send my Donation" button below, click on the blue "continue" link found in PayPal, if you wish to donate using a credit card. It will look like this image: image description If donating using your own PayPal account, click on this image (in PayPal): image description