State Contact/Chapter Chair Application and Guidelines

State Contact/Chapter Chair Application

Persons desiring to be State Contacts/Chapter Chairs submit this form to the Chapter Chair committee, which, in turn, will advise the Website Content Manager to add the new Chapter Chair, if appropriate. The committee will also contact you about your request.
  •  Thank you for your interest in becoming a SOFT Chapter Chair. You can also use this form to ask a question about Chapter Chair duties.REQUIRED Chapter Chair responsibilities include:
    • Be an active and current SOFT member
    • Be available to take calls or emails from parents
    • Listen to their concerns
    • Do not be judgmental about their choices - we all grieve differently
    • Be comforting - show your support for their fears
    • Be an advocate for SOFT
    • Direct families to the free information on the website
    • Be familiar with the content of the website and the SOFT Facebook page
  •  Many Chapter Chairs conduct other functions which are desirable but not required. These include but are not limited to:
    • Attend at least one conference & attend the Chapter Chair training luncheon
    • Plan a fundraising activity for your chapter once a year - IRS regulations require that all money raised must be deposited into the SOFT national account and national will send the money back to your chapter or apply it as you desire to conference or other expenses. Contact the SOFT president prior to beginning a fund-raising activity.
    • Try to have contact with your chapter members at least twice a year.
    • Take or mail SOFT brochures to area hospitals/genetics counselors
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.