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The Carebook:  Care of the Infant or Child with Trisomy  18 or Trisomy 13 (e-book; 2018, 4th English edition)

 CUIDADO DEL NEONATO Y NIÑO CON TRISOMÍA 18 O TRISOMÍA 13, edicion 4, “El libro de los cuidados” para las familias: Descargue la versión española gratuita aquí

Trisomy_18_Handbook_BlackWhite_e-book_Cover Trisomy 18 Handbook (e-book)
[edicion en español aqui]


T13 e-Handbook Cover
 Trisomy 13 Handbook (e-book)
[edicion en español aqui]


Softly Written, Softly Spoken
Softly Written, Softly Spoken – a book of SOFT poetry (free e-book)   

Softly-Written-Softly-SpokenSoftly Written, Softly Spoken – this is the print book version: $4 (postpaid in U.S., add $4 postage for Canada; $6 postage to other countries).


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YoungerChildrenPreparing for your Baby's Arrival

♥  Introduccion a SOFT (español)

 Common Problems of Babies with Trisomy 18 or 13   Summarizes the problems children with  trisomy commonly experience.   [edicion en español aqui]

Constipation 101 – a video providing a comprehensive explanation of the causes and cures of constipation.   It is found on the  website.   Here is a transcript of the discussion.

 What do we know now about Trisomy 18?  [edicion en español aqui]

 What do we know now about Trisomy 13?   [edicion en español aqui]

 Trisomy Conditions – A brief explanation of trisomy, partial trisomy, translocations and mosaicism.

 Prenatal Screening and Diagnosis

 What Shall we do Now?  Necessary Information after a Diagnosis of Trisomy

 When in the Hospital

 About Pediatric Palliative Care

The September, 2016 AJMG Issue is all about Trisomy Children!