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Free Trisomy 18, Trisomy 13 and Related Disorder Information!
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Be sure to look at the “Families” section on the website’s main menu.  There, you can access a great deal of information as well as stories, photos and videos about our children.

The literature and information listed below is available for immediate viewing, saving or printing.   This is the fastest way for you to obtain the information you desire.  Click on any blue link below to open the desired document.

  • A list of the many surgeries and procedures which have been performed on our children
  • A list of hospitals where cardiac surgery has occurred for our children
  • Height charts for children having full Trisomy 18 or 13
  • Head circumference charts for children having full Trisomy 18 or 13
  • Weight charts for children having full Trisomy 18 or 13
  • Links to Helpful Groups (other chromosome disorder groups, etc.)
  • Links to Helpful Information and Services
  • From the website main menu (the bar at the very top of each page), select Publications for more documents; also, see what’s available under the Resources and Professionals tabs.
  • Membership/Registration:   Click to register at no cost, or see the “Register” tab on the Home page’s top menu.  SOFT respects the privacy of your information and does not share it with outside groups. By becoming a member, you will have access to the quarterly SOFT family newsletter, emailed information and announcements and the annual family Conference.
  • Quarterly Newsletter  These can be read (see the Publications menu tab).
  • Conference Information and a typical Agenda. SOFT’s annual summer conference, held in July, is attended by  250-300 people, including 80-90 families and many professionals. See the menu tab under “Events” to find information about these conferences. Registration usually begins March 1st, but you can usually make your hotel reservation earlier.
  • Under the main menu’s  “Resources” tab, you can find Terminology and medical definitions common to our children
  • The main menu’s  “Professionals” tab allows reading/printing medical articles, extracted from recognized medical journals.
  • View our “Professional Viewpoint” section, under the main menu’s  “Professionals” tab.
  • See and read/print our SOFT publications, written by SOFT members and found under the main menu’s “Publications” tab.
  • View stories and articles written by SOFT members, the press, or TV video presentations, in the Families section, from the main menu’s Families tab.

Note: Some items are Adobe .pdf files so you must have Adobe Reader installed. If you do not, get the free Adobe Reader by clicking here; uncheck the box that will otherwise install additional software onto your PC.
When a .pdf file is displayed in your browser, use the plus or minus controls usually found at either the top or the bottom of the display to size it so that one page fits nicely in your browser. Then use your page down & page up keys to page through the document.   The print button is also with the plus/minus controls.  

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