Abbie Ann Johnson

Abbie Ann’s Story

“We love you Abbie Ann and you will forever be in our hearts.”

Abbie Ann Johnston, Trisomy 13, 1/22/.2013 – 1/22/2013, Thompsons Station TN

Abbie Ann JohnstonAt 17 weeks gestation, we received the devastating news that our sweet daughter, Abbie Ann Johnson had Trisomy 13. An amniocentesis confirmed that it was full T13. She was given the label “Incompatible with Life” but we knew that we wanted nothing more than to carry her as long as God would allow her to hang in there. With all of her conditions she had the doctors prepared us that she would only live a few hours (if that) once born. We still carried on in hopes of making it to term so we could meet her..if even for a moment. God had a different plan and at 36 weeks 5 days I noticed that Abbie had not been as active and I knew something was wrong. We went in for a heartbeat check and sure enough… she had taken her last breath sometime that weekend. God chose to take our little angel on home. We knew though that once we met her as an angel, God was protecting her from a lot of pain. Abbie’s skin condition was so fragile and frail that had she been alive she would have suffered immensely. And we would have suffered as well watching her go through that. Abbie was born on Tuesday, January 22nd at 6:20pm and she was our beautiful angel. Despite all of her physical and internal conditions, she blessed so many lives and hearts in her short time here. During those 36 weeks she listened to music, heard her mama sing, got to visit Santa, had lots of yummy food from mama, and felt safe and warm.
We love you Abbie Ann and you will forever be in our hearts. Love your mama, daddy, and your big brother.

Abbie Ann Johnson
Born into our arms, and into the arms of Jesus
January 22nd, 2013

Jeremy and Maribeth Johnson

This past year after losing Abbie Ann, my husband and i have just released a CD of music offering hope, healing and inspiration to those who have suffered infant loss. We hope this music will be encouraging to all who hear it. For more information about our music you can check out the following sites:







Maribeth Johnson