Abella Ann Varner

Abella’s Story

 “Abella’s brief life touched us in ways for which we have no words.”

Abella Ann Varner, Trisomy 18, 3/13/2013 – 3/20/2013, Bartlesville, OK

Abella Ann Varner T18 2 daysAnn was born March 13, 2013. She was only two weeks early when labor occurred and Abella was born at a slight 3 pounds. Other than being tiny there were no signs that “we” would have thought to recognize as being a problem. Her fingers were crossed over, her ears were low but we were just thrilled with the gift of her life and didn’t give thought to the fact that something was amiss. By the second day of her life it was clear she was not receiving nutrition. The pediatrician was also concerned about a heart issue and Abella was airflighted to the city to the nicu where she was diagnosed with Trisomy 18. We had never heard of this so of course, after receiving the dismal diagnosis from the physician we took to the internet to get some further information. We were looking for some hopeful news but did not find it. Our hearts were torn up. Abella was with us for seven days. In that time she lived in the nicu hooked up to a variety of instruments to keep her comfortable, alive. On day 7 we knew it was time to face reality and reluctantly we let them remove all of the wires and tubes from her tiny body. She remained with us a few hours after that before passing away. Abella’s brief life touched us in ways for which we have no words.

Patricia Valdez