Amazing Grace Browning

Amazing Grace’s Story

“… her life brought so much ….words can’t express!!”

Amazing Grace Browning, Trisomy 18, Nabb, IN, USA, 04/27/2013 – 06/27/2013

Amazing Grace BrowningBorn with full T18 in a twin pregnancy with her brother, Wesson Gauge Browning.  Born at 32 weeks and 2 days.  Grace weighed 2.2lbs and Gauge weighed 3.7lbs.  Both born with heart defects. Grace had VSD, PDA & DORV .  Her heart defects were severe and not correctable with surgery. The day she was born, she survived a surgery to disconnect her esophagus from her bronchial tube & place a G-tube in.  She dropped her stats daily into single digits and wasn’t expected to live more than a week or so. She remained on the vent throughout her short life of 61 days.  She smiled, made eye-contact, sucked her thumb & gained about 1.5 lbs.  She was and is one of the greatest blessings of our lives! We had 5 other healthy children before delivering these very special twins. I was just shy of turning 37.  As many say and feel “what a loss” ….she was but…I also say, “what gain”‘ as her life brought so much ….words can’t express!! We documented their journey on Facebook.  The page now has a different title but the story can be read beginning back in early May.  Here is the link For those who may read this, considering not carrying your baby to term, this momma here can say assuredly…give your precious gift a chance!! They have more to give than what you could ever imagine if you would only open your heart!! Life should not be measured by a national standard….for life is too big and beautiful! Let the measures be of the heart

Heather Browning