Amilah Straus

Amilah’s Story

“Everyday with her is a miracle and happiness…”

Amilah, Trisomy 18, London, England 2/10/12

Update, March 2013:

Amilah is now nearly 6 months, she was diagnosed with Trisomy 18 two weeks after coming home with us, but we still don’t know is it full or mosaic as doctors think.
She was born clinically well, with 9 and 10 apgar score, 2.5kg. On the second day she had some infection and she spend few days in SCBU. She was feeded with expressed breast milk for 3 months, then she is on goat’s formula milk, which she seems to like much more than cows milk, especially now, when she’s getting bigger and more active. Everyday with her is a miracle and happiness… She is doing a good progress, gaining weight, smiles, babbles, makes us happy and proud everyday Amilah has a small muscular vsd, low muscle tone, left sided diaphragmatic eventration, left hydronephrosis and ureteral nephrosis, left duplex kidney. She is on Trimethoprim prophylaxis. She likes her activities like sensory play or baby massage, even exercise! She is one big-small sweet cutie I love her so much! 🙂
I want to thank for this page and other parent’s blogs, it brings so much hope and joy.