Amy Kathleen Santoso

Amy’s Story

 “Amy Kate… a gift of a life from God!”

Amy Kathleen SantosoAmy Kathleen Santoso, Trisomy 18, 4/26/2013 – 8/24/2013, Berlin, Germany





Amy Kate… a gift of a life from God!
She is our first daughter, second child.
She is a fighter, a strong baby girl.
She taught me how to be stronger in this life.
She showed me love, that I never knew before.
Her life’s journey was only 120 days, but her life affects us forever.
I will never be the same person again.

Thank you for being here Amy!
Mommy and Daddy and James love you.
We miss you so much, angel baby.
Couldn’t wait to the day I see you again, up there in heaven!

The details of Amy Kate’s life are on Facebook.
Pls visit her Page: Trisomie 18 – ein wertvolles Leben  (Trisomy 18 – A Precious Life)

Linda Kusuma Dewi