Annabel Grace Shelander

Annabel’s Story


 “But Annabel continues to write her own story.”

Annabel Grace Shelander, Trisomy 18, 3/17/2005, Beaumont, Tx

Annabel Grace ShelanderAnnabel will be 8 years old on March 17th.  Like all of these other children we were told to take her home and prepare for her death.  But Annabel continues to write her own story. She goes to our local elementary school and is in a SPH class. She has a wonderful teacher and her nurse goes to school with her each day.
At this time Annabel is 33.4 lbs and is 40″ long.
When Annabel came home she was fed by bottle. She then began to eat baby food. At 3 she wouldn’t tolerate liquids any longer so they placed a g-button. She continued to eat baby food but by 5 years old had decreased feeds due to retching/vomiting.  She has had 2 bowel resections, bilateral reimplatation of her tubes going from bladder to kidney, g-tube placement, tethered cord repair surgery.
Some of her issues are very floppy airway, pulmonary hypertension, large VSD (not repaired) and also all valves affected, neurogenic bladder, slow motility with backward movement, severe constipation, obstructive and central apnea. Annabel does see and she does hear. She does have scaring because she sleeps with her eyes slightly open.
Annabel is doesn’t talk but she does make sounds. She communicates with her beautiful eyes and her unending smile. These children are so filled with joy, they typically love music and people’s faces. We have been blessed beyond belief with almost 8 years with Annabel.
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