Annabelle Tuttle

Annabelle’s Story

“She loved her brother running around the house like a crazy man and his kiss.”

Annabelle Tuttle, Trisomy 13, 2/14/2015 to 4/2/2015, Missouri 

Annabelle TuttleWhen we found out about our daughter having trisomy 13 I was 20 weeks pregnant with my second pregnancy that year. We had lost a baby early that year and were totally crushed by it. So we went to the ultrasound with happy heart because we had made it this far this time with no problems. I had even felt the baby move a lot more then what I had felt with our son. As they were doing the ultrasound I realized something was wrong right away from the way the tech was acting. What should have take 30 mins took an hour. He wasn’t talking to us anymore and you could see the worry on his face. He got up and said he would send the doctor in to talk with us because there was something wrong with our baby. Tears started flowing at this point I felt like some one had kicked me in the stomach. The doctor came in and told us we need to do a test to see if our baby had trisomy 18. I knew what this was because I had had a really good friend of mine have a baby that passed away from it so once again i started crying so hard I couldn’t breath. My husband had no clue what it was and kept telling me it wasn’t a big deal. After telling him everything I knew about it he didn’t think it was ok any more. When the tech came back that it was trisomy 13 we were devastated. I couldn’t believe this was happening to us again. The doctor said I had “options” and I most likely wouldnt even make it to 28 weeks. He said these babies don’t ever live out side of the womb and if she were born alive they wouldn’t do anything for her at that hospital to help her if she needed it.
We prayed about it and cried about it. Till someone told be about a group of ladies that also had trisomy babies. I logged on to facebook searching for some hope. When I found the group I simply asked if there is any hope with trisomy 13 cases and I got a lot of yeses. They talked to me about hospitals that would care for our little ones. They told me stories of their little ones. So that day we decided we would make the 3 hour track to St. Louis for all my appointments and we were going to fight for our little girl. She gave me the best pregnancy anyone could ask for. If I ever got scared something was wrong she would start moving to reassure me things were ok. When I got to week 29 I wanted to cry because I had made it past what the doctor told me I would ever get with her. By week 30 I knew I was going to meet her.
Our sweet Annabelle came into this world on Valentine’s Day 2015. Annabelle weighed 7 lbs 1 oz (they told us she was going to be no more then 4 lb boy were they wrong). She had a lot of beautiful red hair. She had one very beautiful blue eye. She gave me the best labor and delivery I could have asked for. (Other then the helicopter ride I could have lived without doing that in labor.) She needed a little help breathing when she got here. Once that got her going she did amazing. She had an opening in her spine that needed to be fixed right away so on her second day of life they repaired it. Sending your baby back to get worked on is the scariest thing in the world. It for real felt like the world was coming to an end. When they came and got me 5 painful hours later and told me she was was downstairs I finally could breath again. To my amazement she was off the vent and breathing on her own. This was the first time I had seen her with out tape on her little face. She was beyond beautiful. Unfortunately that did last long because they found out she had lung disease and heart failure, which was heart breaking. We got her in some meds that helped her breath better and made her more comfortable. She had a lot of ups and downs at first after 3 surgeries and 3 weeks of NICU life we got to take her home!!!!
She loved being home it was much more peaceful for all of us. She loved her brother running around the house like a crazy man and his kiss. She would fuss when anyone held her in a way she didn’t want to be held but if he held her she didn’t care how he did it as long as he was holding her.
Everyone that met her fell in love. She was so sweet and kissable. She showed us how to live every day as if it were a gift because for her every day was a day they said she wouldn’t have. She showed us no matter how bad things can get there is still a reason to smile. I’ll never forget the day after she had a really bad day her look up at me at 3 am when I’m so tired my eyes wouldn’t stay up and she smiled at me. After everything she had to go through she still smiled at me.
We lost our sweet girl at 6 weeks 5 days. Was it painful very much so. Was she worth all the pain YES. Her smile is forever stuck in my head. Her little fingers were wrapped around my pinky and she was in my husbands arms when she peacefully passed away.

Carrie Tuttle