Annie Farlow

Annie’s Story

Annie Farlow T13My family believes that every child has a purpose, regardless of their lifespan or disability.


Annie Farlow, Trisomy 13, 5/25/2005-8/12/2005, Canada

Our baby Annie lived only 80 days but the circumstances of her life shed light on many things that needed to be changed in the healthcare system. Annie was the inspiration behind research that was published that effectively gave a voice to the trisomy community about the value of their children with trisomy in their families. Until that time, there was an assumption by many in the medical community that children with trisomy 13/18 were a burden to their families, that they were like “vegetables” and that it was better for all if they died soon after birth.

Here is a link for Annie’s story published in the Canadian medical journal Paediatric Child and Health.

Here is a link to the first paper that was published from the research.