Brandi Nix

Brandi’s Story

“But her father and I just couldn’t sit around and watch her die.”

Brandi Nix, Trisomy 18, 4/30/2015 to 7/17/2015, Greenville, MS

BrandiMy name is jessica nix, and my husband and I gave birth to our daughter on April 30,2015. We were so excited, but only to find that she was diagnosed with trisomy 18. The two and a half months that she lived was the hardest thing I’ve ever been through in my life. We went through constant meetings with doctors telling us that she was incompatible with life. No one wanted to operate on her because they felt like she wouldn’t survive surgery. But her father and I just couldn’t sit around and watch her die. We consulted doctors about transferring her to another hospital, and then they wanted to go ahead and do the surgery. Well they didn’t do the surgery we asked for, which was the band surgery, they did the gtube surgery because that’s what they thought she needed first. After that story, she was never able to come off the ventilator. We fought as long as she was fighting, but eventually she started letting us know that she was tired. On July 17, after 1month and 1 week on the ventilator, we took her off. She passed away in our arms and that is a day that I’ll never forget. I think as a parent you’ll always have regrets, but I know she’s with the Lord, and pray that I one day get to see her again.