Brinley Hubright

Brinley’s Story

“Everyone who knows Brinley is blessed.”

Brinley Hubright, Trisomy 18, November 9, 2015, Rochester, NY

BrinleyOur daughter Brinley came to us via cesarean section 9 days past her due date. She weighed 4lbs 13oz at birth and had some major respiratory distress. We didn’t know beforehand of her diagnosis. We were both transferred to Golasanos children hospital in Rochester N.Y. where she underwent many tests, ultrasounds, and scans. At 9 days old the results came back. Full trisomy 18. We were absolutely heartbroken. Brinley spent 14 days in the NICU before come home with us. Every day her lab work got better and she was weaned from all respiratory assistance. Her oxygen levels have remained at 93 and higher. She has a large VSD and was discharged with an NG tube for feeding. Currently she is 10 weeks old and going strong! Every day is a gift and we cherish our little miracle! Her 3 older brothers absolutely love her to pieces too! Everyone who knows Brinley is blessed. She has already taught us so much about love and family without speaking a single word.