Carter Lee Schulz

Carter’s Story

“Carter knew only love!”

Carter Lee Schulz, Trisomy 13, 9/18/2013 – 9/18/2013, Benton KY

Carter Lee SchulzCarter may have only been here a short time but all he knew was love, joy, hugs and kisses. In his short amount of time Carter affect thousands of people!

On March 20, 2013 my husband and I found out we were expecting. We were so excited because we had been trying to conceive for a year. So this was a dream come true. We are both 26 and ready to start our family. Due date: November 10, 2013 Carter Lee was diagnosed with Trisomy 13 and Holoprosencephaly (HPE) and a hole in the upper right chamber of his heart at 12 weeks.  Carter is due to arrive November 10th.

Since the diagnosis: I have been going to my ob/gyn for check ups. As much of the trouble I was having and leaving his office aggravated I still went. After our baby was diagnosed our doctor I felt gave up or didn’t care, that me and my baby did not matter anymore. On August 5th I went back to him as scheduled. We were suppose to have a 4d however Carter didn’t like that idea (he keeps his face covered). My husband was with me at this appointment because we had the ultrasound done as well. After the ultrasound we were sent to a room to see our doctor. We caught him in a lie then said that we could schedule another 4d but there is no point because of all the abnormalities of his face. He also talked about the 4d pictures (which were not gotten) and we caught him in lies. He also at every visit would talk to me like I was making a wrong decision of not terminating my pregnancy. Oh how I was mad when I left. A friend of mine told me to call the doctor she saw so I did. So at 26 weeks pregnant I called her office and they said they would take me. So on Thursday the 15th I, my nanny, and great aunt went to see this new doctor. I had all the prenatal stuff done, went and had an ultrasound done. I loved the lady she explained why I was showing different weeks every time I had an ultrasound done. After that I met the new doctor and oh how I knew she was wonderful. She talked to me in a level I understood. She also told me that she didn’t understand why the other doctor said he wasn’t going to run anymore tests not even the glucose test on me. She said she still had to take care of me. She explained that anytime I could go in and Carter not have a heartbeat or that I could have minutes, hours, or days with him. She said her goal is to make sure I can hold my son as long as possible. I started labor on Sunday September 1st. They stopped my labor and was released to go home September 2nd. Then I went back into labor on Tuesday September 10th and once again they stopped it and was released to go home on September 11th. On the 12th I had a regular check up they did an ultrasound. During the ultra sound I had a contraction and his heart beat dropped to 63. Then after the contraction it would go up to 147. They also noticed the low blood flow from through the cord to the placenta. We talked to our ob/gyn and got a letter for her to deliver Carter earlier than 39 weeks. So at 32 weeks on September 17th I went into labor and went back to the hospital this time I was dilated to a 4/5 and I was admitted and told I was not leaving until Carter arrived. From there I contacted everyone and our families came to the hospital. It was a long night of labor. By 4am on the 18th I was dialated to an 8 I stayed at an 8 for awhile. At 10:30 I was completely dilated and the doctor was called and the family informed. My mother and husband was in the room during delivery. My mother is the one who took the photos. My ob/gyn was amazing and talked me through every step of the way. At 10:45am Carter was born. We were informed that he had a heart beat and was alive!!! His heart beat was low at a 50 so they gave him to us. We did skin to skin contact and they checked his heart beat and his heart beat went up to 120! Family and close friends was finally able to meet Carter. Carter was only shown love from everyone!!! Carter knew only love! Carter took his last breath and gained his angel wings in his father’s arm at 12:05pm.  The hour and twenty minutes that Carter graced us he only knew love 🙂 He got tons of kisses from mommy, daddy, and the rest of the family. I will never regret telling the doctors that I will NOT terminate because my baby was alive and is a human and yet he may be an angel now he will forever be our child!

The final diagnosis of Carter:
Trisomy 13
Alobar Holoprosencephaly
Spinal Bifida
Hole in the upper right chamber of his heart

Britany Schulz