Cecilia Havre

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“Cece is soo very loved and Blessed, and we are soo very  blessed!!!!!”

Hannah-(t18)-6mosCecilia Havre, Mosaic Trisomy 18,  Manhattan, NY, 10/25/2010

At 20 weeks pregnant, I was told that my baby girl will need treament  straight after my c  section.  At 36wks I go into preterm labor, have my c section.  Shortly after, Cece didn’t wanna cry; they had  to  tap  her back couple of times, then she cried, and then  turned  blue.  They  rushed her to nicu, she  needed a lot of help; was in  nicu  for  one  month and a half , of  course  docs  told  us five  days  after  that  she was full t18,nd that she  will  not survive, she will not make it past one month.  For the grace  of  God,  my  miracle cece is still  here  with  us,  even tho the  first  year   she was  in the  hosp due to respiratory distress and  2 urinary tract infections, but she got  thru it thank God:):)))  Cece has a small  vsd, asthma, seizures, born with left ear severe hearing loss, and completly deaf on the other side.   At 2yrs old, Cece can hold her head head up, she can sit without assistance for  a little bit, she can roll  from stomach  to back.  Cece is a very happy baby, and she still has a journey to go.  We are  so very  proud nd honored  to have cece in our lives ,she has taught us many things.   She also has three older sisters who adore  her):).  Cece is soo very loved and Blessed, and we are soo very  blessed!!!!!

Chantel Vazquez