Chloe-Alexia Wrightson Gallagher

Chloe-Alexia’s Story

 “Rest in peace chubbalubs”

Chloe Alexia Wrightson Gallagher, Trisomy 13, May 7, 2012 – May 16, 2012,  Roscommon, Ireland

Hey everybody, I have been asked to share my story , I will make it as short as I can, so here it is.

Chloe-Alexia Wrightson Gallagher 7hrs oldI was about to get my cervical cancer injection at school, when I said I’ll leave it for another time because my boyfriend and I had thoughts I was expecting.
One of my teachers and I went to the pharmacy to get a pregnancy test, which confirmed I was 5+ weeks. I booked a doctors appointment etc got a letter through the door for my 12week ultrasound.   When I went for the ultrasound my baby was measuring at 15 weeks, my consultant said the baby was fine and very active. I went for a check up at my doctors I was 28weeks and my Dr was a bit worried as I was very small.   2 weeks later at 30 weeks, I went for an ultrasound which showed my baby must have stopped growing as she was measuring at 24 weeks, the sonographer said “come back in 2weeks and we’ll see if the baby has grown’.  2 weeks later I went back and my baby was measuring 26 weeks. My dates got changed from April 29th – Middle of May then to June 11th. In my whole pregnancy I had 6 ultrasounds , 2 of them were detailed and full body scans.

When I gave birth ‘naturally’ to my daughter on the 7th May 2012 at dead on 35 weeks, she had what the mid-wifes told us was a hare lip and that it could be fixed by the time Chloe-Alexia was 1 years old, it terrified me, she was grey, she didn’t cry her face looked so flat, I just sat and started in shock, Chloe-Alexia’s dad walked out crying, my mum was looking at me saying what’s wrong your baby girl has been born then she looked at Chloe-Alexia and just looked at me , my mum said my face looked so pale and like I was in a horror film. 7 hours later we had a meeting with the consultant , we all sat around Chloe, me, my mum, step dad, boyfriend and his parents, I was so emotional and couldn’t take in anything all I heard was ‘Syndrome’, ‘Incompatible With Life’ & ‘3 Days’ , I cried so much.

When Chloe-Alexia was 5days old the results came back, my life was ruined, my baby girl had Patau Syndrome T13. We were given the option to bring her home or to stay in the childrens ward.   Me , Chloe-Alexia and her daddy Sean, we choose to stay in the childrens ward all the families got to have cuddles and get photos and make memories with my little chubbalubs. When Chloe was 9days old, my brother asked if I wanted him to look after Chloe-Alexia while I slept , I couldn’t sleep in fear but her uncle Mikey held her for a while but about an hour later she had an episode and stopped breathing for a few seconds and went blue/purple but came round.  An hour after me and Sean got to give out little girl her first ever bath and take photos she even wee’d down me, 30 minutes later Chloe-Alexia stopped breathing for 2 minutes and that was it, she grew her wings and 9 days old. She’s like mummy can’t go anywhere with greasy hair. But the words ‘there’s no heartbeat or pulse, I’m sorry she has gone’ will haunt me forever.

Chloe had:
Cleft Lip / Palate
Spina Bifida
Rocker Bottom Feet
Respitory Problems
Slant Eyes
Low Set Ears
Narrow Forhead
Finger Growing On Her Baby Finger
Low Set Ears
and also her cord was so so so thin.

My little girl gave me the best 9days ever, and I’m so proud of her, I was so selfish and tried keeping her alive for aslong as I could, but she couldn’t do it. I will never forget her. I don’t think I’d be able to love any other child like i do with my Chloe. My life has shattered I was just 18 and her daddy was 16, my life will never be the same again.

Rest in peace chubbalubs

Kelly Wrightson