Christian Burgess

Christian’s Story

“R.I.P Christian Michael Burgess. We love and miss you every day.”

Christian Burgess, Trisomy 13, 1/23/15 – 1/23/15, Massillon Ohio

Christian Burgess T13 32 weeksAt 20 weeks pregnant we found out our son had Trisomy 13 and with it had alobar Holoprosencephaly. He also had a cleft lip/palate, his left foot was clubbed, his kidneys were enlarged, he had hypoplastic left heart syndrome and he had a open neural tube defect in his spine. We decided to continue on with the pregnancy and give him a chance at life if only for a moment. Weeks later we found out he also had no nose and a extra pinky on each hand. Weeks after that we found out his chest and lungs were filling with fluid. Late night on 1/20/2015 I went to the ER because I hadn’t felt him move in several hours. They kept me there till early morning 1/21/2015 and he wouldn’t move but they found a heartbeat and even though it was a lower rate then normal they still sent me home. Later at home the morning of 1/21/2015 we felt him move again as if he had the hiccups. The morning of 1/22/2015 I went to my obgyn for a ultrasound and they informed us that his heart had stopped beating. I was then sent up to the maternity floor and induced. He was born sleeping at 4:12am on 1/23/2015. His weight was 2lbs 13oz,he was 32weeks and 2days old.