Claire Juliette Watson

Claire’s Story

 “Claire is a beautiful, happy little 2 year old.”

Claire Watson, trisomy 18, 10/26/2012, Longview, TX

SONY DSCClaireWatson age 2

Claire is a beautiful, happy little 2 year old. She babbles non-stop, sits up by herself, smiles, blows raspberries, rolls around on her mat, grabs her toes, and giggles at her big sister. She constantly interacts with her environment, and just so happens to have full trisomy 18. I was petrified just like many others to find out my little one would have what is considered a fatal condition, but I managed to hold on to my faith and hope to become an advocate for my daughter.

Since Claire’s birth, she’s weathered several storms, including but not limited to, 15 hospitalizations of which we have lived over 7 months in various hospitals through the state of Texas. These hospitalizations involved an open heart surgery at 9 weeks of age, a fundoplication / G-tube placement surgery at 5 months old, a hemangioma removal surgery at 9 months, multi-focal hepatoblastoma removal surgery at 14 months, and two rounds of chemotherapy ending at 18 months of age. The Lord has continued to bless my family with Claire’s presence and for that we are extremely grateful.

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 Melanie G. Watson, PhD

updated 10/28/2014