Crystal Faith Magtoto

Crystal’s Story

“Every moment spent with Crystal Faith is special!”

Crystal Faith Magtoto, Trisomy 18, Los Angeles, CA, 12/02/2011

Crystal Faith Magtoto  Imagine your child being called ‘Incompatible with Life’. Crystal Faith was told she won’t live long, and we were sent home from the NICU only with the admonition to prepare for our little girl’s funeral. But after celebrating 21months of life, underwent a 25min cardiac arrest, two minor surgeries on top of her Full Trisomy 18 diagnosis and everything else in between, Crystal Faith is still here and continues to fight! Please pray that Crystal Faith will fully wake up, and give her family her biggest smile!

Crystal Faith Magtoto2Every moment spent with Crystal Faith is special! We then created this page to create joyful memories with her through updates and photos. Please say hi and visit us!

This page is dedicated to our living angel, Crystal Faith Magtoto who was diagnosed with full Trisomy 18. At 5 mos. gestation we found out that our baby had abnormal cysts in the brain normally linked to birth abnormalities such as Down syndrome. We were offered amniocentesis, a procedure that has risks and may harm our baby, in order to find out and make a decision whether to keep or to abort our child. Our hearts were broken to pieces but we knew to trust God. Without hesitation, we decided to keep our baby regardless of the outcome. The beginning of this journey involved a lot of grieving and waiting, and quickly turned into a joyful, life changing experience.

Every life is precious and that’s what Crystal Faith is already teaching us.  In this trying time, God is allowing is to experience His power and sovereignty over any obstacle we might face. He is teaching us what unconditional love is all about. He is showing us the strength and determination we thought we didn’t have. We might not agree with the fate of our baby, but it is God who has a perfect will and purpose for everything.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose” – Romans 8:28

We hope that her story will encourage us all to remain in faith and in prayer for a miracle, as well as strength and comfort for Crystal Faith’s family. Furthermore, we hope that her journey and story will inspire us to cherish our God given life, and the lives of our loved ones who are still around. We know that this is the most difficult experience of our lives yet also the most rewarding!

We love you Crystal Faith, our blessing from God. You are a fighter! And as long as you continue to fight, we will fight along with you!

With so much love, Mommy Colleen and Daddy Chris and big sister, Cristen Grace
Updated 9/27/2013