Daniel Vincent Winkles

Daniel’s Story

 “I thank God every day that Daniel is with us.  Daniel complements our family.”

Daniel Vincent Winkles, trisomy 13, 6/5/2011, Grantville, GA


Daniel Winkles(t13) recovering from surgeryDaniel Winkles(t13) playing with pulse-oxI’m Renee Winkles, mother of Daniel Vincent Winkles. He has a twin sister,  Danielle Lee Winkles. they were born June 5, 2011. Daniel was born breech, feet first.  He had his first surgery March 9, 2012 forG-tube/Diaphragmatic Hernia repair. Then on November 12, 2012 he had his cleft lip repaired.  On May 9 I decided he wanted heart surgery.   He did well with all the surgeries.

He has 6 sisters and 4 brothers who help keep him going. Daniel is the sunshine in our lives.  He is my joy. Without Daniel, home is empty.  Daniel also has a baby brother and sister around him making sure he’s on track. I thank GOD every day that Daniel is with us. Daniel complements our family.