Eliza Ann Blake

Eliza’a Story

“Though she be but little she is fierce-Shakespeare.”

Eliza Ann Blake, Trisomy 18, 12/04/2015 to 3/12/2016, Norwood, NC


eliza 2Update:  After a wonderful 3 months of life. Eliza Ann became one of God’s Angels on 3/12/16. She died in my arms and her daddy was there too. We were at the pediatrician and doctors tried to revive her but we knew our sweet angel was gone. She just went to sleep, her heart could no longer hold on. I would not trade the past 3 months for anything in the world. She was a happy bright child and the strongest person I’ve ever known. To anyone who may be struggling with this diagnosis for their child I would say the choices you make for your family are your own, but I never saw a syndrome, just my sweet perfect baby girl. I won’t say it was always easy but it was worth it.


Eliza2Original text: After a very scary diagnosis and an early delivery at 37 weeks 4.4 lbs, Eliza is now 9 weeks old and over 7 lbs. She is discharging from hospice next week and starting to see specialists. The only assistance she currently has is an NG tube. We are hopeing that she will be a candidate for heart surgery to close her VSD and if needed a G tube. Praying we get open minded doctors and she continues to thrive. Though she be but little she is fierce.