Elizabeth Marie Pryor-Hagstrom

Elizabeth’s Story

“We all love her very much and miss her everyday.”

Elizabeth Marie Pryor-Hagstrom, Trisomy 13, Palestine, IL  9/9/86 – 9/9/86

Angel_LogoI was only 16 when I found out I was pregnant. I had people encouraging me to consider adoption, but I just couldn’t even think about giving up my baby. After the initial shock and telling my parents, I began to get excited.  I was going to my doctor every month as I was supposed to, and around the fifth month the doctor started to suspect something wasn’t quite right. He sent me to Springfield, Il for some tests. Which was scary, but I didn’t really think anything to serious could possibly be going on. I was young. I went through a battery of tests and they tried an amnio, but they couldn’t get the needle to work properly. They tried different needles but nothing. I went home and they tried again a week later. We did know at this point that something very serious was going on. I was seeing my doctor at home now every other day. I was 7 1/2 months along. I went to see him on Friday and then over the weekend I could tell a difference. The baby wasn’t moving. On Monday the doctor couldn’t find a heartbeat and sent me to the hospital for an ultrasound. Sometime over the weekend my baby had died. I immediately went back to Springfield to be induced. Tuesday morning three and a half hours after being induced my little angel was born. She had hydrocephaly, a cleft lip and palate. But she was beautiful. I got to hold her for about an hour, which I slept through most of, because of a tranquilizer. I was told later it was Trisomy 13. Which my doctor had to explain what that was. God Bless my nurse who thought to take some Polaroid pictures, because we had not brought a camera. I can still feel her in my arms and see her face. She looked so peaceful. My heart broke that day and I think of her always.  She now has two younger brothers who go with me to the cemetery to take her flowers each year. We all love her very much and miss her everyday.  I look forward to when I will get to see her again.