Emmanuel Dixon

Emmanuel’s Story

 “God called him back after 2 hours.”

Emmanuel Dixon, Trisomy 18, 7/30/2013 – 7/30/2013, Se Ada MI, USA

Angel_LogoWe closed December 2012 with the best news. I was pregnant!
My twin girls were happy to be big sisters! 

At 5 weeks I had my first ultrasound and heartbeat check up. What a joy to see my little baby and hear his heart beat.

Week 12 was to next ultrasound to check if everything was developing normally. They measured the neck , it was normal. They noticed that the bladder was big but nothing alarming at that moment. We scheduled another appointment for week 16. Everything was checked again and confirmed normal.  It is time to start thinking of all the things we will need but since we did not know the gender yet, I waited.
Week 18 I was so happy getting ready for my appointment . I had spend the day before at baby’s r us looking at everything and making my list. My plan was to leave the dr’s office and go get the baby his first outfit.

But soon things change and my world started to fall apart . Once the technician walked in and started the ultrasound  she seemed to become worried, nothing was being said. Then she said that she needs to call the dr.
I never expected such a bad news. The dr. Immediately confirmed that my precious child had some pointers for trisomy 18. It could only be confirmed by a  amnio test . I agreed to have this test done.  2 days later the call came in to confirm that my precious child had  trisomy 18.
I decided to continue with my pregnancy and hoped for a miracle, wished for the doctors to be wrong. I asked them many times if there was a slight chance that my baby can survive but there answers were always negative.  Why can’t my baby survive, he is so full of life inside me.  Around week 34 my blood pressure started to go up.
My goal was to reach 37 weeks but at week 35 my blood pressure was still up and there was protein build up in the urine!  Pre eclampsia symptoms .
The dr’s advise was to deliver the baby if I wanted to meet him alive . Yes that was my other goal to meet my beloved baby while he still had life in him. I needed to tell him how much I love him and that I needed him to be strong, I wanted him to stay.
I had a c-section.  My baby was precious, he was born 3 pounds 10 ounces. We named him Emmanuel Francis Dixon.  God called him back after 2 hours. He was able to meet his sisters and the rest of the family.  He never opened his eyes.

Fabiola Dixon