Gabriel Angel Vera

Gabriel’s Story

“He is amazing and we love him so much.”

Gabriel Angel Vera, Partial Trisomy 18, 10/11/2007, West Columbia, TX

Gabriel Angel VeraWhen Gabe was born we did not know he had pt18. At around a month old he ended up in the hospital because he almost stopped breathing when we were at home. We were in the hospital for about 3 Weeks, where they starting finding out many things that were going on with him. Many x rays, scans, blood drawn were taken and many doctors saw him. Everything was overwhelming and so much was being told to me that I couldn’t remember most of it. They let us out right before Christmas and 5 months later they told us he has partial Trisomy 18. I smiled and  asked what was that. The doctor explained it to me and then told me whatever I do, do not google it because all I would find was negative feedback about it. Then she said to keep doing what we have been doing with him, to keep loving him and do everything that ECI tells us to do. Then she said what is normal….who’s to say he is not the normal one and we are the ones who are not normal. I have never foregoing those words because I did have a very hard time. It took me almost a year for me to actually look up Trisomy 18, but guess what and who I found SOFT. That’s right or SOFT family. Gabe is doing good and w are so thankful for God choosing us to  be his family. He has taught us so much in his 5 years he has been with us. He is amazing and we love him so much.

Gina Vera