Gabriella Mae Rico (Ella)

Ella’s Story

“She is here for a reason and God is going to do great things.”

Gabriella Mae Rico (Ella), Trisomy 13, 01/28/2015, Bakersfield, CA

My-EllaUpdate 7/16/2015: My Ella is now 5 months going on 6 months she is 24 weeks. Her heart is still her only issue. She is teething right now and is still having trouble with gas but which baby doesn’t. Both her eyes open and SHE CAN SEE!! She recognizes me her dad and her big brother. She is now 12 lbs 3 oz and has stated filling out more and more. She is chunky. Ella is now holding her head up for moments at a time and making efforts with her little arms and hands. When she sleeps her arms relax and she is not so tense anymore. She is now balling up her fist with her thumb on the outside. She kicks around and pushes herself up can roll a little from her back to tummy. She is gaining more muscle in her arms and as much as she hates tummy time we still encourage her and she is making progress. They said my daughter’s life expectancy is 6 months. 12 days from now. God is the only one who can make that decision. I believe in my heart and with my observation that she will be that miracle!  My Ella is doing amazing. She loves when you sing she loves talking back she is very vocal her laugh is amazing. Her smile still makes me cry her cry makes me smile and her laugh makes me laugh. My Ella. Trisomy 13 ELLA STRONG!!


Update 3/4/15: My Ella is now 2 months old or 9 weeks or 65 days. The only concern is her heart but that is managed with medicine and no real threat.  We are happy to say she is opening her eyes now and they are gorgeous.  We were told at her birth she didn’t have eyes at all. She just got over having pneumonia although we thought it was just a cough.  She didn’t slow down in her eating at all; she is now 7lbs 2oz and 20 1/4 inches long. We had quite a scare a few weeks ago, we were sure our baby was saying goodbye.  She did leave us more than 5 times but she brought herself back.  We were so heartbroken but thank God it was a false alarm (misdirected medicine).  Our daughter is one strong cookie, she is making us proud every minute of every day. She had her first carousel ride today at the LA Zoo.  She even opened her eyes and waved her little arms around. We love seeing her smile it literally brings me to tears every time. She is our gift from God and she is going to live with this. Confident in saying this will not be our last positive update. Trisomy 13 ELLA STRONG!!!!

I was induced at 37 weeks due to low amniotic fluid.  I refused the amnio testing because either way, no matter what this baby had, I was gonna give life. Gabriella Mae Rico (Ella) was born weighing 4lbs 9 oz and 18.5 in long.   She has an extra little pinky, a little mark on the top of her scalp, and her eyes were still shut when she was born. She cried and I was told she wouldn’t need NICU until they checked her blood sugar level.  It was low and her breathing was fast.  A couple days passed along with lots of tests.  She has two holes in her heart and has congestive heart failure.  A  few days after that her preliminary genetic results came back trisomy 13 “lethal”.  I didn’t quite get it after reading the info packet they provided and other personal research.  We decided hospice was what we needed to do to give her a normal life before she decides to leave us.  We are hopeful she will overcome this.  She is here for a reason and God is going to do great things.  Babies with this usually die during the pregnancy or a few days after.  She is 8 days old and seems to be doing great.  She has ALWAYS been breathing on her own  – she eats on her own – she pees and poops on her own!! My daughter will be that miricle that can live with this.  She’s a fighter and will thrive.

Victoria –