Hailey Rayelle Saunders

Hailey’s Story

“God and Hailey decided that her next destination would be Heaven.”

Hailey Rayelle Saunders T13Hailey Rayelle Saunders, Trisomy 13, 1/27/2013-5/18/2013, Saskatoon, SK, Canada

On January 27, 2013. Kristin and I welcomed Hailey Rayelle to our family.

She is quite active and shows a lot of interest in traveling as she likes to visit the different wards at the Hospital. She started off in maternity, then must have decided that there was not enough attention there and wanted more hustle and bustle. NICU was her next destination for a couple of weeks. The time there was great with many different people to look at and squawk with. After a while, Hailey thought she would like a slower paced living environment with less flashing lights, buzzing and beeping as it interfered with her beauty sleep. She decided that a more relaxed environment would be a welcome change and put in for a trip to PEDS. The week on PEDS was great for her as there were many cuddles, some great bottle feed food and not as many accessories to wear. Mom and dad also liked the slower pace as they are not as young as they used to be and cannot keep up with the nite clubish flashing lights and sounds all night long. Mom was able to spend a few nights with Hailey at her side, but the cot and happenings of a hospital are no substitutes for your own bed.

At the end of last week, Hailey’s adventurous spirit kicked in again and she thought that she would like to try another stay-cation spot. This one had a room with a view overlooking the construction site of the new Children’s Hospital and was called PICU. The room was much quieter and comes with a single bed and a pull out cot for mom or dad. The quieter room became somewhat dull the next day, so Hailey decided to invite the whole family for her one month birthday with fresh angel food cake! Hailey was exuberant to have everyone together finally but somewhat perturbed that she would have to wait about 12 hours until she had her fill of cake. After her birthday party, Hailey was able to keep the new presents she was given in PICU when she got the travel bug again and moved off to PEDS observation.

Mom and dad are glad that their daughter is so adventurous and likes to travel but are tirelessly looking forward to the day when she will get to come home and learn what it is like to be in a really good bed, with a big brown cute dog named Nezbet, who will watch over her while mom and dad sleep. This time will come, but might involve a trip to Edmonton’s Cardiac Care Unit for OHS before she gets to come home.
– End of April 2013. –

Over the last 12 weeks Hailey has shown her strong desire to travel. She had a very short visit with us in the delivery room and then was on the express route to NICU. After a couple of weeks these sites became old and confined for her, so she decided to spread her wings and visit the PEDS unit. She enjoyed the more social aspect and a room with a view. But having ants in her pants, she decided to try out another location in PICUfor a day trip. Hailey decided that she had enough of the tight quarters and wanted to meet up with some old friends in PEDS Observation/Isolation. She enjoyed the visit for a while but then found she was wanting some alone time and was off to PICU. She had some serious down time but received the rest she needed. Then, being the traveler that she is, Hailey wanted to have a better view point overlooking the river bank and the new Children’s Hospital with a trip back to PEDS Observation where she stayed for quite a while. The food is regular, the company was good and accommodations were decent, but the constant pounding of the piles for the new hospital led her to wheel back to the peace and quiet of PICU again.

Hailey decided to trade in some of her travel attire as the season changes: from a hat and nose tube cover to a neck tie tube. As she is new to the RUH fashion world in her travels she hopefully will give up on this trend in a short while, but it might be influenced by her desires to take her first airplane ride to Edmonton in a while. We hear they have different fashion trends up there. It is very evident that Hailey likes to travel a lot but we hope she settles down a bit and saves her air miles to travel to more desirable places – like home!!

Unfortunately, at 06:21 hours on May 18th 2013, at 111 days old; after a dire struggle with infection, hospital politics, the biased attitudes of some of the doctors, God and Hailey decided that her next destination would be Heaven.