Isabella Josephine Wolfe

Isabella’s Story

“God gave me such a gift with her. I am changed for the better and her testimony of what choosing life can result in touched many people.”

Isabella Josephine Wolfe, Timonium, MD, Trisomy 13 with Holoprosencephaly, 05/23/2011 – 05/24/2011

Isabella, “God’s Promise.”    Isabella Josephine Wolfe was born at 35 weeks gestation at GBMC Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.  She weighed 3 lbs. 10.2 oz and was 18 3/4 inches long.  She had beautiful chestnut curls and a precious kitten purr.  Isabella was diagnosed with Holoprosencephaly at 16-weeks gestation and I was told to terminate my pregnancy.  The doctors believed she would have Trisomy 13 due to her facial features and signature cleft lip.  I chose life for her without even considering termination.  She was my baby, not a fetus to get rid of because she wouldn’t be “perfect” by our society’s standards of physical beauty.  Isabella was a very active baby.  She loved music and hot chocolate.  She was very wiggly and had a strong heartbeat even though doctors kept telling me she had heart defects.  I delivered her at 35 weeks.  The NICU team turned off the heart monitor and prepared me for a stillbirth.  To their surprise, but not mine, Isabella was born alive and breathing on her own.  She lived for 18 hours, only needing nutrition.  She was precious.  My 12-year old daughter, Maya, was able to hold and bathe her.  My husband, Tim, and I had Isabella baptised in the room that evening.  She then went to the NICU where she stayed overnight.  She passed away in my arms the next afternoon.  I was able to cradle her in my body during her life, hold her in my arms while living, and cradle her in my arms during her death.  She touched so many hearts with her strength and determination against all medical odds.  Trisomy 13 was verified upon her death.  God gave me such a gift with her.  I am changed for the better and her testimony of what choosing life can result in touched many people.