Isabella Lawler

Isabella’s Story

“She is so full of joy all the time!”

Isabella Lawler, Trisomy 13, 10/24/2012, Epsom, NH

Isabella Lawler607/19/2014 Update:  Isabella continues to do well.  She had her lip repaired on 1/31/2014 & she looks beautiful.  She has been off the ventilator for over a month & we’re weening her off the oxygen.  She is enjoying getting out & enjoying her world.  She responds by shaking her head yes & no, working on sitting up, can stand up holding onto furniture & scoots around a bit on her back.  She absolutely loves people & is very social.

10/20/2013  Update:  Isabella had surgery on September 5, 2013 at BCH.  They drained fluid from her ears and inserted ear tubes, removed a cataract from her eye and repaired her pallet.  She only had to stay in the hospital for a couple of days and has healed up nicely.

Isabella Lawler 1 day oldOur miracle baby Isabella Noel Lawler was born premature on October 24, 2012.  I developed preeclampsya and had to deliver early.  I gave birth to her naturally and she was born in caul (inside the amniotic sac).  I was told this is rare and it was the best possible way she could have been born.  God was protecting our little one.  She weighed in at 1 pound 13 ounces and 13 inches long.   This picture was taken when she was one day old.



Isabella Lawler, 2-weeks-oldHere is Isabella at two weeks old.  She was very sick at this time.  Infections, low blood sugar, extremely high direct bilirubin and heart murmurs.  All heart murmurs are now closed, her blood sugar is normal, direct bilirubin is normal and she is healthy!




Isabella Lawler kangaroo-careIsabella was in the NICU for four and a half months.  My husband and I did kangaroo care with her as much as possible.  She loved it!






Isabella Lawler with dave-dan-isabellaIsabella’s big brothers also spent a lot of time with her in the NICU.  Isabella smiled for the first time for her brother David during Christmas vacation when she wasn’t quite term yet.





Isabella Lawler with Mommy and JeffWe spent all the holidays in the NICU with our precious daughter.  This picture was taken of my husband and me with Isabella at Christmas time.  The dress Isabella is wearing was made by my sister.  She had to use a doll pattern because Isabella was even too small for preemie sizes.




Isabella Lawler and MomIsabella has a bilateral cleft lip and palate and believe it or not this girl works on nursing twice a day.  She is mostly g-tube fed but she can get great suction and is able to get a bit of breast milk.





Isabella Lawler preparing to go homeOn March 4, 2013, Isabella was finally able to come home from the NICU.  What a happy day it was!  She came home trached and on a ventilator but she is healthy and doing well.





Isabella LawlerIsabella weighs 13 pounds 5 ounces now and is 24-1/2 inches long.  She has been home for nearly six months and is doing well.  She smiles, laughs, babbles, rolls to her side, picks up her head and is working on sitting up.  She amazes the medical professionals all the time.  God is so good.  The little girl who they thought would never survive childbirth or make it out of the NICU is alive and well!



Isabella Lawler going homeIsabella loves to go to church, ventilator, oxygen tanks and all!  She will walk through the doors of the church and give a big smile.


Isabella Lawler FaceIsabella will be going to Boston Children’s Hospital on September 5th to have her palate repaired.  They will also remove a cataract from her left eye at this time and make a mold for a prosthetic lens for her right eye.  Here she is smiling.  She is so full of joy all the time!





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