Jameicka McMurry

Meicka’s Story

“But by the Grace of God, Meicka’s strong will and determination and my undying love for her to never give up, we are here today to tell her story…”

Jameicka McMurry, 7/3/1989, 13th Ring Chromsome Abnormality, Louisville, KY

JamOn July 3rd 2016 I will be celebrating the birth of my Miracle child Jameicka (Meicka for short). She was born weighing 3lbs and16 inches long. Doctors just assumed that since I was 16 when I got pregnant and only 17 at the time of her birth that I had not been taking care of myself and or eating properly and that was the reason for her low birth weight and small size. Our initial stay in the hospital was 6 days each due to me having a C-section and Meicka having problems maintaining her body temperature and eating. She practically lived in an incubator and I was not allowed to unwrap her swaddling without a nurse in the room to monitor us or remove her baby toboggan. They were concerned with her weight dropping because of her not being able to nurse from me or suckle from the nipple of the bottle. A day before we were to be discharged Meicka was to have her newborn pictures done. I was so excited because I had the most precious outfit for her and the perfect hair bow to go with it. It was during me brushing her hair that day that I finally noticed she had skin missing on the top of her head and exposing her membrane covering the skull. From there it took doctors 6 weeks to finally diagnosis her as a T13 with d13. From there her pediatrician and specialist tried to convince me to give her over to the state because they felt that since I was only 17 I would not be able to cope with all her illnesses and then her death by the age of one. But I had decided that after her father walked out on us when I was only 2 ½ months pregnant that I would never give up on my daughter. At this time in her life the doctors who were following her were so amazed that she was still alive that they re-diagnosed her as “13th Ring Chromosome Abnormality” 13d. Meaning her 13th chromosome is in the shape of a glazed donut and that the center part that is missing is what is causing her to mental and physically disabled. Meicka was sickly her first 8 years of life. She had numerous illnesses, hospitalizations and I almost lost her due to ruptured bowels when she was 8. In fact the doctors did not want to perform the surgery to save her because they had no faith she would survive. But by the Grace of God, Meicka’s strong will and determination and my undying love for her to never give up, we are here today to tell her story and to give hope to families with T-babies. I say to all T-families that there is a chance for survival. It may not be perfect or easy but do not give up no matter what! I personally love showing the doctors they were wrong and sharing her with the world her love of life on her page “A Miracle Called Jameicka”.

Erika and Meicka