Jessica Lauren

Jessica’s Story

Heart“She was perfect, just amazing..”

Jessica Lauren, Trisomy 13, South Deerfield MA, 9/22/91 – 2/12/93

I was 19 years old when Jessica Lauren was born. She was perfect, just amazing.. besides the 12 toes and 11 fingers and cleft palate. “All fixable” the nurse said…. Shortly after she was transferred to a NICU where we spent the next month undergoing genetic testing and abdominal surgery. Doctors pointed out countless problems.. “incompatible with life” they told me.. “you don’t have to take her home, she will die soon.”   But, we did go home… it was a beautiful October day.  I remember the sky was just so clear and blue and the trees were just bursting with color. It is strange how 20 years later I still vividly recall this day. I was so happy.    I spent the next 16 months home with Jessica providing for her many medical needs. Despite all that was wrong, she was the happiest little girl. Her smile just lit up the room, and made your heart just want to burst with happiness. I was told she would never know me, but she did…… She laughed and we played and I experienced a love beyond words.

I was so blessed to have my Little Jessie, my “chunkalopes” as we called her. Many people don’t ever get to experience a love so angelic and true. I was so lucky experience such love for a year and 1/2 and now I have beautiful memories and my very own guardian angel.