Jillian Mcghee

Jillian’s Story

“Jillian’s favorite things are food and music.”

Jillian Mcghee, Partial Trisomy 13, 04/21/2007, Springfield, MO

JillianJillian was born on April 21, 2007. I did not have a prenatal diagnosis. It was apparent after she was born that she had some problems. A genetic test pointed to Trisomy 13. Further testing detailed that she actually has deletions (monosomy) and duplications (trisomy) in variations on her 13 chromosome. She was given the label Partial Trisomy 13. Jillian has had cranial reconstructive surgery and pyloric stenosis surgery. Jillian’s VSD and tricuspid valve insufficiency has corrected on its own. Currently at 8 years old, Jillian has seizures that are controlled with medications. Jilli is non verbal and on the autism spectrum. She functions closer to the age of a two year old. Jillian’s favorite things are food and music. Her behavioral problems are caused from her inability to communicate; but, she mostly spends her days laughing, smiling, clapping her hands and loving everyone around her.