John Paul Serrata

John’s Story

“My grandson brought love and peace and pulled families together in this 8 months with us on this earth.”

John Paul Serrata, Trisomy 18, 02/17/2015 to 10/18/2015, Corpus Christi, TX

John Paul lastUpdate 10/26/2015:  My grandsons journey with Trisomy 18 has come to an end. John Paul passed away October 18, 2015. He was surrounded by lots of family who love him. He did make it to 8 months old on 10/17/2015 then passed away day after. We will remember him daily. The memories will cherish within our hearts and minds. My grandson brought love and peace and pulled families together in this 8 months with us on this earth. Now he will begin a new journey in the heavens reuniting with his big sister Jayla Renae Serrata. Forever in Our Hearts…..


JohnPaulSerrataUpdate 10/10/15:  Baby John Paul is 7 mo. Old now weighing 8lbs…his got his good days along with bad days. He is surrounded by lots of love and excellent nurses. One nurse named Lisa has been involved with his care since birth. All we can do is continue loving him daily. In my eyes i see a living miracle of LIFE.

John Paul Serrata T18 3 MoUpdate 5/19/15 (three months old.)  Additional: As of today John Paul is weighing 6 lbs. He is growing but still small because of the Trisomy 18. He’s starting to latch on a pacifier for small periods of time but he’s trying!



JohnPaulUpdate:  My grandson is doing well. Surrounded by so much love! He’s gaining weight and responds to our voices. He’s growing and getting stronger – being born on Feb.17,2015 we are so blessed. Watching him grow is just a blessing! The most beautiful feeling holding him in my arms, hearing his lil heart beating, thriving to life….enjoying every moment I have to bond with my grandson.




Our Journey begins ! One day at a time. John is so loved …..even with odds against him he is thriving and breathing on his own! Partial blindness and VSD! I am a LOVING grandmother sharing my story…I see life find its way, our miracle our precious child!