Julia Johnson

Julia’s Story

Julia Johnson, Trisomy 18, New Britain, PA, 10/31/1985

Julia is now 26 years old. She enjoys playing her keyboard, walking on treadmill and in summer walking all by herself in the swimming pool. “look mom,no hands, no swimmies”!  Her favorite food is life cereal and she has many other things she likes. She can pick up bit sized crackers and cookies to feed herself.  In 1999 she had spinal fusion surgery which has helped keep her lungs healthy. She walks with one hand or with a 4 wheeled walker.  She goes to PT and music therapy once a week.  In January 2011 she screamed in pain for 4 days, we did ultrasound and found gall stones. In May when she started screaming we went to ER at local hospital. It was gall bladder so after an MRI without sedation, she did great. Dr. was wise man and recommended since we could do laproscopic to take appendix too as long as she was doing well in surgery. It all went well Praise God.  She is doing well. We switched up to even less fatty foods and she is well.