Julian Santiago

Julian’s Story

“I wrote a song to all the kids with this condition.”

Julian Santiago, 9/17/2014, Trisomy 18, Fountain Hill, PA

JulianHello my name is Felix and my wife’s name is Clarissa Ocasio Santiago and when we find out she was pregnant everyone was super happy. We went through the whole pregnancy but the doctor told us at 6 months that Julian had a pdoctor. He was diagnosed with full trisomy 18.   The doctor wanted us to terminate the pregnancy at that time and we refused.  Julian hung in there for the full 9 months but was died a  couple days before that 9 month mark.  I wrote a song  to all the kids with this condition.   I hope this brings awareness to all the parents going through this difficult time.  Check out grupo hipnosis.com to hear and see the video that we made or see my page on fb as puchytimbal.  Alot of people helped to do this and some of them are very important people like Matt Cappy, Marc Anthony’s salsa band, Tito de Gracia and more aminor studio this everything. I wrote and produced the song with my friend Adrian Ferrer who did everything for the song and video deliver the powerfull message.  Thank for your time.  May God bless and I will be posting pics later.